Consulting Services

Why Consulting Services?

Take advantage of PMC Software’s over 27 years in the industry and staff members averaging over 10 years of experience. That adds up to a tremendous amount of operational experience with diverse equipment, systems and operations. We have seen what works, what doesn’t and pretty much everything in between. Initial consultation fees easily offset problems and financial drain that result from poor or inadequate planning in the initial stages.

Plant Construction

our years of experience during your initial New Construction Plant Planning. We may not have seen it all, but we have certainly seen a lot – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Remember, you will have to live with the cost of any planning mistakes made for the operational life of the equipment you select. And our experience and relationships with diverse equipment manufacturers helps put you in contact with the right people during the early stages of design and implementation.

Equipment Upgrades

When planning equipment or line upgrades, contact PMC Consulting Services PMC Software offers a fully-staffed support team ready to assist you in any facet of automating your window or flat-glass factory. We have the expertise and experience in these industries that you need to gain that competitive edge!Consulting Services to take advantage of our experience in all the diverse equipment and operation process out there. As system integrators, we work with most major and minor equipment manufacturers to provide smooth integration of new equipment into your operational process. BUYING A NEW PIECE OF EQUIPMENT THEN FITTING IT INTO YOUR OPERATION IS THE WRONG APPROACH. PMC can help you determine the right equipment purchase for you that will provide years of ROI based on your specific plant and operational needs.

General Consulting

about diversifying your business? Cutting your own product in-house instead of buying outside? Contact PMC during those initial idea meetings to get the viewpoint from front-line experts who see different operations, processes and equipment systems on a constant basis. Let our experience help shape and ease your decision making process

Installation Services

We install what we sell! We are a single-source contact for software procurement, installation, training, and support. Our staff of fully-trained technicians are ready to implement any of our wide range of software products – installations (software-only or software/hardware turn-key integration) can be remote or at your site. We work directly with machinery vendors to ensure optimum integration of our software into your environment. Training is a crucial component to any project’s success – and our technicians are unequaled.

Support Services

We provide 2 levels of support from a full time professional support staff. Using an Interactive Knowledge Base, our technicians provide speedy resolutions to issues. PMC Software has made a commitment to continue to be your business partner in the development of new and innovative products as you and the industry move forward.

HELPMATE Platinum Plan

This plan offers 7 day per week, 24 hour per day call response with priority service over other calls; twelve free after-hours support incidents per year; contact via Instant Messenger, phone, fax, e-mail or modem; remote access for troubleshooting; four upgrades per year; discounts on New and Add-on software licenses, remote training; in-plant or remote time; Software Audit Services; Software Backup Services; Video FAQs and Training Videos.


Our most popular plan, it offers normal business hour coverage with contact via phone, fax or e-mail; one upgrade per year; discounts on New and Add-on software licenses, and remote training; Software Backup Services; Video FAQs and Training Videos.

Custom Design Services

Sometimes the Out-Of-The-Box software package is not a perfect fit for your business. Our programming staff has over 27 years of problem-solving experience that can produce solid solutions for you. Feel free to contact us with unique or different problems. Our wide-ranging familiarity in the glass industry gives us an edge in providing solutions that you can rely on.

Other Services

From system training in our classroom or onsite to special project development and management, PMC Software offers a full range of single-source solutions to help your business grow.