About PMC

A unique company to service your needs

Having provided software solutions for the flat glass and window manufacturing industry for 40 years, PMC Software offers the best products, years of experience, and a highly qualified staff. These strengths translate into a powerful reason for a partnership with PMC Software.

Industry Leader

PMC Software is the industry leader in computer-based products and services catering to the vertical markets of window manufacturing (fenestration) and flat-glass production. We specialize in the development of packaged software products for manufacturing facility automation and materials optimization.

Complete Range of Products

PMC Software provides the most complete line of Computer Integrated Manufacturing software in the industry today, covering the entire spectrum of manufacturing and office operations in the glass and window industries. In addition to glass optimization, PMC Software’s expertise encompasses lineal and tempering bed optimization, real-time production manufacturing and remakes, materials and product tracking systems, and direct machine interface (Numerical Control) software. PMC Software was founded in June 1982. Our focus is concentrated entirely on glass and window manufacturing — its problems and solutions.

Knowledgeable Staff

The talent of PMC Software’s staff has culminated in its MATE series of software products becoming the industry standard — against which all others are judged. Our highly skilled programming staff provides our customers with the best cutting-edge product development and our technical support specialists provide superior product support services. We offer on-site installation and training and complete support services for all our products.

Customized Solutions

While much of our business revolves around “packaged” software, PMC Software’s highly qualified staff makes it possible for us to customize a solution to better fit our customer’s needs. Our experience has taught us that success depends upon a willingness to work with others. We freely welcome ideas from engineering, plant, and administrative personnel to develop the best solution.